Vanessa Perri-Khoo: Blog en-us (C) Vanessa Perri-Khoo (Vanessa Perri-Khoo) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Vanessa Perri-Khoo: Blog 120 82 What a great Christmas Present... Christmas will soon be upon us so I was thinking of different prezzies to suggest here is a lovely present for the husband/boyfriend... a boudoir shoot... if you do book a boudoir shoot we will include hair and make up and take a couple of shots to be able to use as a facebook profile pic! :)

Here are some of the photos I had taken this summer with Sammy Khoo ( of the Lovely Mica... what a fun and relaxed day it was...


Boudoir Photography DevonBoudoir Photography Devon Boudoir Photography DevonBoudoir Photography Devon Boudoir Photography DevonBoudoir Photography Devon

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Trying to achieve perfection results in procrastination I was watching my favourite live program on the internet... ( a must watch if are into your photography, videos or marketing or anything creative I suppose) and as soon as I turned it on the lady speaking said "trying to achieve perfection results in procrastination" (or something like that)!!

I realized that my trying to be a perfect photographer/blogger (and very far from achieving it!) is making me put a lot of things off, "I won't do this yet, I have to try this first, I won't charge for my photographs until I try this and that, I won't post this cause its not written in proper English...  bla bla bla" Well I might just admit to myself that my English is what it is (for now)!

When I photograph I have to mirror the poses cause I'm incapable of explaining what to do! :)  Quite amusing I must admit! (ask my customers!)

So this is why I have decided to blog a bit more and maybe put more pictures (so I don't have to speak as much!) 

Well anyway this weekend was the first time I had a play around with my BRAND NEW CAMERA!!! My NIKON D600!! Ouuu how much I love it! 

I used to have a Nikon d60 and just adding that 0 makes a whoooole lot of difference (I got to say that i had to add a 1 and three 0's to the d60 price!) :) But it is worth it! 

Here are a couple of pics I took on Saturday... all in natural light!! The make up was done by the lovely Trude (if any of you are looking for someone for your wedding!! Trude Bosence!) , and Carly was my model... Carly is a singer in a band called "Barely Legal" ;) So there if you are planning your wedding in this post alone I have found you a photographer (Me, myself and I), a make up/ hair artist,  and entertainment!!! :) Lol!!




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New website - new blog? So I have finally set up my new photography website!! Obviously if you are on this page now it means that You have found my new website! This comes with a whole new blog page which means that I will have to let go of the other or maybe keep both and just post on both sides?

Well anyway I will start with this one for now and start by saying WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE!! Hope you like it... :)

Very excited!! Hopefully I will be a better blogger for this one than my other! :)


 Well as its my first post I might as well present myself :) I then promise to put more pics up and maybe less words...

My name is Vanessa Perri-Khoo and I am living in Devon after spending the last year travelling here and there! Photography has always been a passion and I never had the courage to let go of the security of a 9 to 5 job to do something so unstable.... I must admit I am still terrified! But lets give it a go...and I will have to make it work!!!!! :)


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