My name is Vanessa Perri-Khoo and I am a female photographer who has finally decided to settle down in Devon.
My passion for photography started at the age of 10 when my Dad gave me my first SLR camera... from then I have never put my camera down! I became my friends’ worst nightmare, constantly snapping away. Alas, it has proven to be worthwhile as we reminisce and have a laugh at all the bad hair choices we made.

To capture a moment, frozen in time, this fascinates me the most about photography. To then be able to look back at it and recall that moment!

I went to University and studied marketing and photography remained a hobby. Then one day I decided to take the next step and I felt that the best way for me to learn and to take this into a professional level was to follow other professional photographers.
Hence I decided to take a break from work and I travelled to Malaysia, where fortunately for me, my Aunt is a respected professional photographer. I ‘followed’ Samantha Khoo and went under her tutelage.
I soon discovered that photography was far from being "just a click". With Sam I believe i developed. I trained my eye for every detail in a shot... simple things... but it is these simple things that make a huge difference.. It is with the development of knowing and spotting these details that make the end result that much more!
After nearly half a year with Sam, I moved to Devon. Here I worked alongside Steve Nuth another well established photographer. Steve, a wonderful guy who showed me a different aspect of photography.

And it is here in Devon that I am learning to start my career. Photography is my passion and chosen career path and now I must learn to ‘juggle’ all the things to keep a business up and running!

Through the years I have tried different types of photography. I have photographed, landscapes, lorries, teapots, kids, been at weddings, communions, christenings, i have done street photography, studio, location, but my favourite I would to say is portrait photography.

I love meeting people and creating a new friendship. Photographing people that usually look at photos and think "ooo I wish I could do that" but are too self conscious or shy to give it a try! I do my best to create a friendly environment and bring out the beauty thats there but just too shy to come out.
On shoot my shoes come off and you meet me...: clumsy, a bit untidy, kind of funny (even when i dont want to be) I feel more relaxed and it all helps to make you feel at ease!

All i can say is you have to try... the sentence I hear the most at my shoots are "I hate being in front of the camera" and "I don't know what to do" well not to worry I will pose you from head to toe and by the end of the shoot I bet you will know what to do!

So why not give it a go...