Why Newborn Photography?

When babies are first born they are still quite sleepy and less sensitive to outside. They are normally like this for the first two weeks...these moments pass so fast and you can’t go back in time which is why I love to capture this moment for you to remember forever.


When Should I book?

Ideally a month before your due date. Once the Lil’ one is born we can confirm the booking. Not to worry if the little one is early as we can re-schedule to fit you in! The ideal time to photograph your baby is when they are less than 10 days old as they are still quite sleepy and are happy to allow us to “pose” them.


What do I bring?

I supply most of the props but if their is something specific you would like included ie a teddy bear or your babies first blanket... please bring it along!


How long will it take?

The newborn sessions can take 3-4 hours depending on how long it takes for lil’ One to Settle. We ask people not to feed their babies just before leaving home but to give them a feed when you arrive at the studio. The way your baby is full, content and a bit more sleepy.


During the shoot?

As mentioned previously the photoshoot can take upto 4 hours so bring a magazine or your favourite book along and relax


When do I get to see the photographs?

By the next day I will send you 3 low res watermarked images as a little sneak peak. It then usually takes me two weeks to edit your photographs. I then put a private online gallery where you can view your photos and select images included in your package and choose any little extras you would like.